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Fixed Teeth

Teeth which are permanently screwed onto implants provide the most natural-looking, natural-feeling and best-functioning replacements for missing teeth. Whether there is a single tooth or a whole set to be replaced, if you are suitable for this treatment, you may never have to ‘take your teeth out’ again.

Our aim is to make teeth which are indistinguishable from your natural teeth. On many occasions, this is helped by placing the implant, complete with temporary crown, on the day the natural tooth is lost. This way, the loss of a tooth is far less noticeable and it means we are able to preserve the bone and gum which helps to help maintain the best appearance.

If all of the teeth in a jaw are missing, we usually look to using either four or six implants to support a new set. This is the ‘All-on-4’ or ‘All-on-6’ concept. Using this method we can reduce risk, complications, amount of surgery, overall treatment time and cost when compared to having an implant per missing tooth. If you are suitable for this approach, we can place the implants and bridges, which have been manufactured beforehand, all in a single session, allowing denture wearers to leave the practice with a full set of fixed teeth on the same day.

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