We welcome people whom wish to be seen for a specific course of treatment. If your dentist wishes us to help in you with a specific course of treatment, they can refer you to us. Upon completion of the treatment, we then return you to your dentist.   

If you do not have regular dental care, but think you would benefit from a particular treatment, we would be love to see you.  The most popular self-referrals are for cosmetic/restorative dentistry, root canal treatments and implants. 

If you do not see an hygienist on a regular basis, we would be be delighted to provide this service direct to you without a referral from a dentist.  

If you have been referred to us from another dental practice for a specific treatment, the following steps may help you understand how we work with your dentist to handle the referral. 

1. The referral
Your dentist refers you for a specific treatment that Exeter Advanced Dentistry can provide.

2. We contact you
We contact you to discuss the referral, and arrange a suitable date and time for you to visit the practice for a consultation appointment. 

3. Your consultation appointment
You visit our practice where you will meet our team to discuss the proposed treatment, and schedule further appointments as necessary.

4. Your treatment
You return to Exeter Advanced Dentistry for the course of treatment discussed at your consultation appointment. 

5. The pass back
Once treatment has been completed we will write a report letter to your dentist and pass back all of your details and notes. 

6. Payment
All payments are made by you to Exeter Advanced Dentistry. 

7. Future care
All future appointments continue with your own dentist.

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