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Reducing Dental Decay for Brace Wearers

Written by Luke Whitaker

Dental braces, whilst being great for giving you the straight teeth that you desire, can often bring problems around keeping your teeth clean. Whether you are using a traditional or newer generation of a brace, it is important to fully understand what steps to take to ensure you maintain good levels of oral health. Even with the use of finer wires, they can still get in the way of your brushing, the brackets also present the same issue. Because of this many brace wearers suffer from an increased risk of dental decay and gum disease. We can help you overcome these issues.

When brushing your teeth you should allow for more time, so that extra care can be taken to not damage any of the components that make up the brace. We also advise using dental floss or small brushes between the teeth to help you get under the wires and to help remove any trapped food and residual bad bacteria that could be building up. Booking an appointment with either our orthodontist or hygienist will allow you to explore cleaning options in more detail. There is an alternative available, should you want to avoid having to extend your cleaning time. Our specialist Orthodontist is able to offer Invisalign treatment, which has the added benefits of being designed to be removable.

As well as not using wires or brackets and being transparent in appearance, the removable aspect of Invisalign means that you can take them out in order to complete your usual cleaning procedure, remembering to clean the trays before inserting them back into your mouth. Having orthodontic treatment doesn’t mean that you have to neglect your oral health, our team can help you to ensure that this doesn’t happen. We are an Exeter based dental practice, based in the heart of the city making us readily available to many. Click here to get in contact with us today, should you have any more questions or if you wish to book an appointment.

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