Receiving Dental Treatment During A Lockdown

Written by Luke Whitaker

This year has been unprecedented for many reasons, as a result of restrictions put in place, many have had crucial dental appointments delayed or cancelled. With many NHS dental practices under immense pressure, creating long waiting lists, we have been seeing as many private patients as possible. With the ability to still see patients during this second lockdown, meaning that those who have been suffering can receive the treatment they need.

Selecting a dentist in Exeter

Exeter has an array of options when it comes to selecting a dentist, in order to ensure that we stand out amongst the crowd, our experienced team focus on offering care, understanding and leading dental treatment. With many of our dentists opting to further their studies into specific areas and spend time to teach and train local dentists as well.

We provide longer appointment times as well as the option to join our membership or spread large payments through finance. If you are looking for genuine and preventative dental care, this is something we can provide.


What to expect during a Lockdown dental visit

Every piece of guidance has been put in place and a strict protocol is being followed by all staff. We have also increased all PPE and take the necessary measurements prior to you entering our practice. Those that do not pass the questionnaire or register with a consistently high temperature upon arrival at our practice, will, unfortunately, be sent away. All belongings will be placed by yourself into one of our secure boxes, patients within the practice have been reduced in number and we ask that you arrive at the time of your appointment only and check yourself in using the link that will be text to you on the day of your appointment.

The care and treatments offered have not been limited, as we continue to offer appointments with all members of our team in order to ensure that all who need it, can be seen and helped.


How to get in touch

Our reception team are contactable by clicking here.

Further information regarding our new practice protocols can be found by clicking here.

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