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Are Dental Implants Right For Me?

Written by Luke Whitaker

Losing a tooth is something none of us want to experience and so we understand that, should it happen, you will want to find the quickest and most effective solution. Ensuring that missing teeth are replaced is crucial to ensure that no further complications develop in the long run.

Many fail to realise that there is a range of solutions for replacing missing teeth. Whilst some may opt for dentures or dental bridges, dental implants have been proven to be the most effective solution. With implants being anchored to the jaw bone, they provide a stability that other solutions can not.

Whilst many dentists can only offer implants as a solution to patients with sufficient jaw bone mass or structure, at our Exeter based dentist we are able to also offer Zygomatic implants which are an option for those that don’t meet the requirements for regular implants. This treatment option offers just as much stability as regular implants.

For those opting for regular dental implants, gums must be healthy. Advanced gum disease may mean that it is impossible for you to receive dental implants. However, sometimes it can be treated so that you can then move onto receiving the desired implants. We also strongly suggest that smokers quit, as tobacco products are not suitable for dental implants; since tobacco can have a negative effect on the healing process.

Should you have any more questions about dental implants or would like to discuss your options further please do get in contact with us. We are an Exeter based dentist, located in the heart of the city making us readily available to many.

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