How We Are Working To Be A Greener Practice

The world of dentistry can often be guilty of overlooking the many ways that we could be helping to impact overall efforts for society to be greener. Over the past few years, we have been working to find innovative ways that we as a dentist in Exeter can be doing our part for the climate. And we thought that this blog post will be the best place for us to share our current initiatives.

Beginning with the products that we now offer in our practice. We wanted to stay local to our Exeter dentist location, which proved easy to do with such great products. Many of us are guilty of a frequent turn around in toothbrushes, whether you buy a manual one for travel purposes or you simply still use manual. The plastic that is sent to landfill yearly due to this habit of ours is something we looked to tackle first. Making contact with local biodegradable toothbrush provider Truthbrush, we now have a range of exciting toothbrushes in stock for you to purchase.

In addition to this, we became one of the first Exeter dentists to provide both vegan and plastic free silk dental floss. Helping you to also tackle the vast amount of waste that is produced from daily flossers; something that our dentists advise is your routine.

Further exciting internal investment and advancements have also meant that we now are able to do many procedures digitally. Including that of taking impressions on your teeth for future treatment. Which previously used many harmful chemicals, which our latest technology is able to help us to cut down upon. As well as erasing the need to have the impression materials in your mouth, which many previously found undesirable.

And finally, this month we were contacted by TePe, the well known interdental brush brand. Excitingly we have become the first to help them trial their new recycling initiative. Allowing us to be the only Exeter dentist that can provide you with a location to come and drop off your used and rinsed TePe brushes. Which will then be taken to an incinerator, generating energy for heating and bottom ash for road and car park surfacing.

We hope that this has given you a good insight into how as an Exeter dentist, we are doing our part to help the city and wider society be greener.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss stock of any of the above-mentioned products please do click here to get in contact with us.

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