Keeping Your Teeth Healthy As A Student

When starting University there can often be a whole range of new priorities that take over your scheduling. From social events to lectures, your dental health can quickly become something that you neglect.

What doesn’t help on top of all of this is the change in diet that many students undergo when starting University. An increase in alcohol consumption, energy drinks and sugary foods are commonplace.

We have compiled a list of tips to help you keep your teeth healthy throughout your studies…

Avoid snacking on sugary foods… instead when you do your shopping stock up on apples, carrots, celery sticks or hard cheeses. They provide you with the perfect snack and will reduce the harm to your teeth.

Avoid late night snacking… we understand that there will be many nights you’re up late working on your assignments. But late night is something that you should try to avoid, especially if you’ve been known to fall asleep before brushing your teeth.

Don’t brush your teeth straight after drinking fizzy drinks or fruit juices… the acid that these drinks contain will soften your enamel. Waiting for a couple of hours after drinking them will give your enamel time to restrengthen and allow for safe brushing.

Keep hydrated… try and get yourself into the habit of taking a water bottle with you to your lectures every day. Not only will it benefit your body in other ways but water will work with your saliva to rid your teeth of plaque.

There are more ways that we can advise you on keeping your mouth happy and healthy throughout your studies. We recommend making sure that you’re keeping up to date with your general examinations.

Click here to get in contact with us should you have any more questions or to book an appointment.

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