How To Make Sure Your Diet Isn’t Jeopardising Your Dental Health.

Choosing a diet that works for you is often a task many of us find hard enough, with advice coming from every direction of how and when you should be eating. We can easily forget to regard our dental health within the decision-making process. Many of the most popular diet plans can be destroying your teeth, let us give you some of our top tips to help you find a diet that works for your whole body.

When to eat… sticking to 3 meals a day lowers the number of times that acids will be attacking your teeth. Keeping the portion sizes appropriate at the same time will allow for you to stay in better control of your calorie intake.

Should you cut all fats… whilst most diet plans do suggest cutting fats from your diet, we say to approach this method with caution. Lots of low-fat foods are filled with sugar, which is added to act as a flavour enhancer and preservative in the absence of fats. We suggest opting for healthy-fat-foods such as fish, nuts and avocados.

Are smoothies the answer… packed full of fruit and vegetables, smoothies are often regarded as the perfect solution for any diet conscious person. However, what actually happens when you blitz all of your fruit is harmful for your teeth. Usually, when eating whole fruit, the naturally occurring sugars are encased in fibres, which your body has to work to break down. When drinking fruit within a smoothie, this step has been completed by your blender of choice, leaving the sugars to attack your teeth on passing. Opting to eat your fruit whole is a much better choice for your teeth, keep your drinking habits to water as much as possible.

Should you cut out sugar… this is something that we agree to. Sugar is detrimental to your diet and your dental health. By cutting out sugar or at least cutting down on sugar, you will find numerous benefits.

Our team are able to advise you further within this area should you have any further questions, get in contact with us or book an appointment. We are an Exeter dentist based in the heart of the city, offering general and cosmetic dental treatments.

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