Following A Vegan Diet Doesn’t Have To Impact Your Oral Health

There is a common misconception that following a vegan diet will jeopardise your oral health, this doesn’t have to be the case, there are key tips that you can follow to ensure that your teeth and gums are healthy; no matter your choice of food and drink.

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Tip One – Moderation:

As with all diets, veganism requires a level of moderation. Understanding that many of the fruits you eat will be high in acid levels and therefore posing a risk to your teeth, is a key understanding that must be held. Limiting your daily fruit intake and avoiding smoothies, will allow for minimal damage to your oral health.

Tip Two – Calcium Rich Products:

Many may assume that vegans will struggle to include the required level of calcium into their diet, but this isn’t the case. Nuts, fruits, vegetables and seeds are all good sources of calcium. Further to this, almond milk is regarded as having higher levels of calcium than cows milk. Knowing the calcium levels within the food and drinks that you consume will allow you to grow an understanding and make positive choices in the future.

Tip Three – Proactive Dental Visits:

Understanding that your diet may require you to keep a better check on your oral health is our final recommendation, our dentists are experienced in preventing problems before they arise and hinder your oral health. Ensuring that you are attending regular dental examinations with a dentist that you trust, will allow for your oral health to be maintained.

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