How Dry January Will Benefit Your Teeth And More.

For many of us December brings time away from work to celebrate the festivities with the ones we love, it can lead to us drinking at times we would never even normally consider. After endless days of glasses of fizz, the new year has rolled upon us and it is the perfect opportunity to give your body a break from the drink. With many benefits of taking part in Dry January, let us take you through a few relating to your teeth and general health.

Yellow and decayed teeth: Dry January couldn’t be a more perfect time for teeth whitening treatment, without alcohol consumption the results of treatment will be prolonged. Furthermore, without all of the alcohol attacking your teeth, chances of decay will be significantly lowered.

Bad breath: Alcohol is known to reduce saliva flow, causing you to wake up with a dry mouth and bad breath. With no alcohol being consumed this effect can be lessened, you can also book in with us for a hygienist appointment to give your mouth a total refresh. Being an Exeter dentist, based in the heart of the city we are very accessible to many.

Shakes: Alcohol withdrawal can leave your body shaking the day after, whilst you may be accustom to it… it definitely is not a good sign. Hair of the dog isn’t the cure, learn that this is a sign of overconsumption. During Dry January you will be free from these hangover symptoms.

Liver problems: Decades can pass before you realise that your liver is struggling; much like gum disease. Both are 90% preventable through making the right lifestyle choices, one of the options is to reduce your alcohol consumption. Making Dry January another great participation choice.

Body issues: With weight gain, low immunity and sallow complexions all coming as a result of alcohol consumption, Dry January can give your body the overall boost it needs.

Hopefully, these factors have given you enough reasons to put down the bottle this January and explore a new world of alcohol dryness and health benefits.

Should you wish to book an appointment to check your oral health or if you would like to ask any questions, please do get in contact with us.

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