New Year, New Dentist?

With a new year approaching, many of us will be looking to change up many of the things that we planned to action throughout the past 12 months. What can often be on our agendas is to look into other dentists available, for many with only a few visits a year, this can soon be forgotten. However, if you feel that your dentist is not providing the level of treatment and care that you require, we can’t stress enough how beneficial it can be to change your dentist. Let us take you through some of the key factors that you should consider when deciding if your dentist is right for you.


Whether it be from general dentistry treatment or procedures such as implants or root canals, often is the case that a dentist promises results that they are not experienced in delivering. If you find your concerns of discomfort or dissatisfaction, post-treatment, are brushed aside by your dentist it may be time to explore other dentist options.

We are an Exeter dentist, with our practice based in the heart of Exeter city. We pride ourselves on our general dentist treatment options, as well as our more complex options, we are also proud to be a dentist in Exeter that actively keep their patient to dentist ratios low. Allowing our patients to have the time they need to discuss any proposed treatment and any concerns they may have so delivering a more personable approach to dentistry.


Many dentists can struggle to justify the expenditure of keeping up to date with the latest advancements in dental technology. If you can find a dentist that does, however, the treatment options available to you are vastly widened.

In addition to our general dentist treatment options, we are proud to be a leading Exeter dentist that invests in the latest technology options. This enables more of our work to be digital thus being more green by reducing the amount of chemicals we use. It also allows us to offer treatment options such as Zygomatic implants and All-on-4, the same day implant procedure.


Many may have found that so far in life, their dentist’s offering of fillings and satisfactory hygienist appointments have been adequate up until a certain point. Many of us find that at some point we need cosmetic dentistry treatment, such as dental veneers or implants.

We are a proud Exeter dentist and whilst we offer general dentistry, we also have dentists that specialise in many forms of advanced treatments. Allowing you to stay local within the Exeter city centre to receive all of your required and desired dental treatments. We also receive a high volume of referred patients, sent to us to utilise our specialisation in advanced dental treatments.

Customer service:

The foundations of your experiences with your dentistry practice come from the way that you are treated from the moment you arrive until your departure. Some may find that they just don’t have a strong rapport with their dentist. With many experiencing high levels of stress and worry, before and during dental visits, it is important to find a practice that is full of staff that take time to make you comfortable and explain processes in depth and with clarity.

An Exeter dentist that offers a premium experience to all of our patients, this is what we strive for. Whether it be a general dentist appointment or a more complex procedure, every step will be broken down for you and our patient lounge allows you to relax and have a chat with our team prior to your appointment.

If you feel that the New Year is the right time for you to try a new dentist, please do get in contact with us to book an appointment. Or if you have any questions, one of our team members will be happy to advise.  

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