The Best Way To Brush Your Teeth

With so many different techniques and brushes available, we wanted to take a moment to make sure that you are all brushing your teeth in the best possible way.

To begin with it is important to choose the optimal toothbrush for you, soft bristles and a smaller head allow for the most plaque to be removed. Whilst the smaller head allows you to reach more of your teeth surface area. It is also preferable to use an electric toothbrush, not only do most work on a timer, so that you know you are brushing to the correct amount of time. They also offer a deeper clean due to the power of them. This being said we are the only Exeter dentist that are proud to stock Truthbrushes, that offer a biodegradable bamboo structure and strong nylon bristles; ensuring a deep clean is completed every time you brush.

Two minutes is the recommended amount of time to brush your teeth, twice a day. Focusing on the outer surfaces of your top teeth and then your bottom teeth, before repeating for the inner surfaces and finishing by cleaning the chewing surfaces. Many then opt to finish the whole process by brushing their tongue, in order to remove any odor-causing bacteria.

What can also ensure that a thorough clean of all the areas of your teeth is flossing. Highly recommended by all of us here at Exeter Advanced Dentistry, flossing allows you to clean the sides of your teeth; that often even the best toothbrushes can’t get to.

A final consideration when it comes to brushing your teeth, is the type of toothpaste you use. With many brands available, as well as specific types within the brands. Matching your toothpaste to your teeth is important, as well as ensuring that you are buying a recommended brand that offers a product to enhance your teeth brushing process. Being a dedicated Exeter Dentist, based in the heart of the city we are able to offer you advice on the best products for your teeth.

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