Types of Braces Available

Choosing to get a brace can often be a big step for many of us; lots still perceive a brace as being the classic metal frame braces. There are now many more options available to you, depending on your situation and wishes. Booking in with our orthodontist will allow you to discuss this in more detail. However, here are the brace options that we are able to offer you.



Clear Fixed Braces –

Taking the more traditional metal braces and using translucent brackets, still bonding to the front of the teeth, these are a great option for those looking for a more discreet solution. An added benefit of opting for a fixed brace is that they are often the best at correcting complex crowding issues and often within the shortest time.

Invisalign –

A wireless option for those looking for a brace that is more comfortable and discreet than fixed braces. Using removable aligners, which are allowed to be removed for a maximum for two hours a day. Allows for an option that causes less interruption to your eating habits, as well as your teeth-cleaning regime.

Lingual Braces –

These are an option for those looking for a totally hidden brace option, fitted behind your teeth, they are hidden away from eyesight and do not hinder your confidence in your smile. This option is often the most popular with adults and offers a great solution for those not wanting to have a visible brace fitted.

Rapid Orthodontic Treatments –

This treatment option is available for those with minor crowding issues. Allowing for a shorter course of orthodontic treatment. Using a brace option listed above, the whole process is completed as quickly as possible; an option popular with those looking to for a faster fix solution.

Whatever type of treatment is appealing to you, you will as previously discussed, need to book in for a consultation with our orthodontist who will be able to advise of the best treatment options for you.

For more information contact us on 01392 247011, or come into the surgery to have a discussion with a member of staff.

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