White Teeth for Christmas

The demand for teeth whitening procedures has seen a big increase in the last few years; here at Exeter Advanced Dentistry, we offer a safe and successful option to help you get your desired gleaming smile.

Many of us dream of a white Christmas, whether that be a crisp sprinkling of snow or a bright white smile. The two treatments offered by us give you the option to receive whitening treatment within our surgery or take a whitening kit home and self-apply. Once we have taken impressions and created custom-fitted trays, you then have the option to complete either the day or night whitening process. We have found that for ease, many prefer to complete the overnight process.

This process usually takes between two to six weeks, depending on a range of factors. The simple application allows you to reach your desired whiteness level, without the risk of other options that could damage your teeth. Teaming up with us to complete the whitening process, allows you to know that you are receiving the best treatment and that the option given to you will work. It is often found that many of the options available over the counter do not provide the desired outcome.

Get in contact with us today on 01392 247011 or come into the surgery and have a discussion with us about the options available to you.

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