We Now Stock Truthbrushes

Catherine and Catherine put their brilliant minds together to tackle the shocking amount of plastic toothbrushes thrown away every year (over 1 billion!). These find their way into landfill, into the sea or washed up upon our beaches.

Truthbrushes are made of completely biodegradable organic bamboo, which is naturally anti-bacterial. Not only are Truthbrushes much kinder for our planet, but they’ve also been designed with style in mind. With a range of colours available, once they have reached the end of their lifetime you can remove the bristles and continue using them in any way that you can imagine.

We here at Exeter Advanced Dentistry are becoming greener every day and are thrilled to be able to stock such a brilliant local product, that won’t be having a negative impact on our planet. Truthbrushes are in our surgery now for you to purchase, get in contact with us for more information or to reserve a Truthbrush for you to collect at a convenient time.

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