5 reasons to visit your dental hygienist

If your teeth aren’t causing you any problems it can be tempting to cancel your regular dental  hygienist appointment. Before you make that phone call, read on to find out why you should never miss a biannual checkup.

  1. Dental hygienists can detect issues early on

Many patients have an early form of gum disease called gingivitis – a condition that causes gums to become red and swollen. Early stage gum disease is often painless and may be almost invisible, except to the trained eye of your dental hygienist. Gingivitis is easy to treat, however if neglected it can progress to a more serious condition called periodontitis – this can result in tissue damage and tooth loss.

  1. Neglecting your gums can have long-term health consequences

Losing your teeth is bad enough, but did you know that gum disease has also been linked to far more serious health issues? An increasing number of studies have found that gum infections are linked to heart disease, diabetes, stroke, respiratory disease and premature births. Early diagnosis and treatment through regular oral health checkups is more important than ever.

  1. Your dental hygienist saves you time and money

It may seem contradictory, but by making time for your hygienist appointment now, you’ll save time and money later on. Your hygienist can set your oral health routine on track, helping to prevent issues later that may require lengthy ongoing treatment.

  1. Fresher breath gives you more confidence

Poor dental hygiene is the most common causes of bad breath (halitosis) – bacteria that build up on your teeth and gums can produce unpleasant-smelling gases. Halitosis can have a negative impact on our self-esteem and our relationships with others, but the good news is that the problem can be easily corrected with a good oral hygiene routine. Your dental hygienist will be able to show you the correct way to brush and floss to keep bad breath at bay and help you smile with confidence.

  1. A trip to the hygienist gives your smile a boost

Over time, daily habits such as drinking tea, coffee, or red wine, can discolour teeth. A professional cleaning from a hygienist removes all traces of plaque and surface stains caused by eating and drinking, leaving your teeth feeling fresher and looking brighter.


To make an appointment with Gayle, our experienced dental hygienist, or Stephanie, our new dental hygiene therapist, here at Exeter Advanced Dentistry, contact us today. We look forward to your visit.

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