5 reasons to get a dental membership plan

Even if you take excellent care of your teeth and only require occasional dental check-ups, having routine treatment covered under a membership plan can give you peace of mind that your dental needs will be taken care of throughout the year and in case of emergencies.

  1. Dental plans encourage regular visits

If you are covered under a dental plan, your routine check-ups and hygienist appointments are covered (the number of annual check-ups will depend on the type of dental plan you choose). This makes it much more likely that you will keep your preventative appointments, which are the best way of ensuring better oral health. Addressing potential problems at the earliest stage reduces the chances of minor issues developing into more serious dental problems.

  1. Dental plans cover you in the event of an emergency

All the DPAS plans available at Exeter Advanced Dentistry include a 24-hour emergency dental hotline that will help you track down a dental provider local to you, wherever you are in the world. This gives you peace of mind whether you are at home, on holiday, or travelling for an extended period of time. Every DPAS plan offers worldwide supplementary dental injury and emergency insurance of up to £10,000.

  1. Dental plans can save you money

Dental plans enable you to spread the cost of preventative treatment over affordable monthly payments. Once you have chosen the plan that best fits your needs, you can schedule your regular appointments in advance, knowing that the costs have already been covered. Attending regular preventative appointments also reduces the possibility that you will require additional, more expensive treatment in the future.

  1. Dental plans cover the entire family

Exeter Advanced Dentistry offers four adult care plan options as well as treatment plans for under-18s. All our membership options provide children and adults with emergency dental insurance, preventative examinations, unlimited diagnostic procedures, and oral health advice. Our children’s plans also include access to an interactive children’s dental health website and a toothbrush at every appointment.

  1. Dental plans give you priority appointments

If you have a membership plan through Exeter Advanced Dentistry and need an emergency appointment, our staff will ensure that you are given top priority. Membership plans guarantee you continued registration with the practice and access to your dentist.

For more information about our maintenance plans, contact one of our friendly team members today. We look forward to assisting you.

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