Why have cosmetic dental treatment at Exeter Advanced Dentistry in 2018?

 Our team at Exeter Advanced Dentistry take great pride in being able to offer the highest quality of cosmetic dental treatment to patients and we enjoy seeing the difference this treatment makes to their wellbeing and self esteem. Are you thinking about having cosmetic dental treatment in 2018? Read on to find out about the ways in which treatment can benefit your smile and more.

Improve the aesthetics of your smile

Your smile affects your whole facial aesthetic and an unhealthy-looking smile can often make an individual appear older than their years. Cosmetic treatment can totally rejuvenate a person’s appearance and this area of dentistry is more versatile than ever as technology continues to evolve. Patients can choose to change the shade, shape and structure of their teeth with the help of treatments like tooth whitening and veneers.

Restore confidence in your smile

Did you know that each day, you smile around 40-50 times? However, if you are unhappy with the appearance of your smile it is likely that you will shy away from smiling as often as you might like to. This can greatly impact your confidence in addition to your general wellbeing, as smiling is associated with releasing endorphins in your brain which tell you that you’re feeling happy. Repeatedly repressing the physical act of smiling will reduce the endorphin levels that your mind and body naturally would otherwise emit.

Your smile forms a big part of a first impression and if you work in a client-facing environment, failing to smile can affect a prospective client’s perception of you, potentially costing you a sale or business deal.

Strengthen your teeth

A cracked, chipped or widely spaced tooth can expose you to damage requiring complex treatment that could have been avoided had the tooth been treated sooner rather than later. Cosmetic treatment such as veneers also play a restorative role, fitting over the damaged tooth and protecting it from further wear.

Which cosmetic treatments are available to me at Exeter Advanced Dentistry?

Set yourself on a long-term path to improved oral hygiene

In preparation for tooth whitening (see below), Gayle, our dental hygienist, will perform a thorough clean to tackle deep staining that cannot be removed through brushing alone. Removing this type of staining is particularly important as when plaque is left to linger on the teeth for too long, additional plaque can accumulate below the gum line and become the cause of gum disease. The tooth whitening process allows patients to start afresh with their oral hygiene and practice healthier habits in order to avoid deep staining and discolouration in the future.

Tooth whitening

If you have tenacious stains as a result of lifestyle choices or your teeth have gradually discoloured as a result of the ageing process, tooth whitening can restore a healthier-looking shade to your smile. Exeter Advanced Dentistry offer in-practice or at-home treatment, both of which recourse to custom-made whitening trays, created to be an exact match for your tooth structure. Please note that only a medical professional can perform this treatment legally and safely, as they have the state-of-the-art resources to take accurate impressions of your teeth in order to create whitening trays that ensure the whitening agent does not make contact with your gums; a risk patients take when they opt for treatment from non-medical professionals.

You can read about tooth whitening treatment in more detail in our most recent blog here.



Not dissimilar to how a false nail fits over a real nail, veneers are created to fit over the top of a tooth that is broken, chipped, damaged, cracked or discoloured. A couple of the most attractive elements of treatment include the minimal preparation involved and the bespoke nature of the treatment. Your dentist Exeter Advanced Dentistry will take your skin colour, eye colour and shade of your existing teeth into account when envisaging the design of your veneer, in order to create the most naturally-looking restoration possible.

Read more about veneers on our website by clicking here.


If you would like more information about the cosmetic treatments we offer here at Exeter Advanced Dentistry, please contact us and we will be happy to arrange a consultation for you.



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